Coming Soon. New Book Chapter.

The CliMES project team is excited to share a new text coming into print April 2020. We are excited to have had the opperunity to partisipate in this project. See are project work highlighted in Chapter 3. This book highlights best practices in climate change education through the analysis of a rich collection of case studies that showcase educational programs across the United States.

Framed against the political backdrop of a country in which climate change denial presents a significant threat to global action for mitigation and adaptation, each case study examines the various strategies employed by those working in this increasingly challenging sociopolitical environment. Via co-authored chapters written by educational researchers and climate change education practitioners in conversation with one another, a wide range of education programs are represented. These range from traditional institutions such as K-12 schools and universities, to the contemporary learning environments of museums and environmental education centres. The role of mass media and community-level educational initiatives is also examined. The authors cover a multitude of topics, including the challenge of multi-stakeholder projects; tensions between indigenous knowledge and scientific research; education for youth activism; and professional learning.

By telling stories of success and failure from the field, this book provides climate change researchers and educators with tools to help them navigate increasingly rough and rising waters. (Discribtion from Routledge)

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