Nebraska-led project aims to boost climate literacy

In the School of Natural Resources at Nebraska, a four-year,grant funded project ($1.7 million from the National Science Foundation) is begining to take root. This project has develop a curriculum, using global climate models, and have put it into

the hands of somewonderful secondary science teachers. Over the next four years the CliMES project team will use climate modeling as a launch-pad for high school students to explore Earth's climate. Students will have the oppertuitie to engage in science in the way a scientist would. Project Co-PI's Cory Forbes (Associate Professor of Science Education, Director of the National Collaborative for Research on Food, Energy, & Water Education, and Coordinator of the Science Literacy Initiative) and Mark Chandler (a climate scientist at Columbia University who also works at NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies) lead our fearless team. Devarati Bhattacharya (K-16 STEM education postdoctoral fellow at Nebraska) myself (a newly admitted dotoral student), along with an amazing partner school districts will develop, implement and assess the new curriculum.

"We’re taking the largest computational models on the planet and getting them into the hands of high school students in Nebraska," Chandler

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